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THE Ski Computer

Overview: Unsere App

SkiApp, the best ski and snowboard computer for your Android smartphone!

SkiApp allows you to track and analyze your skiing or snowboarding performance using your Android smartphone!

Receiving the GPS signal the SkiApp captures your movements and analyzes them offline using the computational power of your smartphone. This way your skiing stage is separated into tracks of following types: Downhill, lift, walk and hold.

ATTENTION: To activate and deactivate the GPS tracking use the combined PAUSE/RECORD button  located in the action bar at the top.

Have a lot of fun with the SkiApp! Please support the development by getting the SkiApp PRO!

Overview: Über uns

SkiApp Highlights

In comparison to other Ski-Tracker apps the SkiApp offers much more:

Track Segmentation

SkiApp is the one and only app capable of separating your skiing day into informative tracks like downhill or lift. Lift tracks are recognized properly for ascent and descent rides as well. Other Apps handle the complete skiing day as one single track deriving their poor statistics simply on the base of the ascent and descent height.

Data Richness

Based on the individual tracks detailed statistics are maintained for each stage. Particularly the statistics contain following elements:

  1. Downhill, lift and walk distance,

  2. Summed height for downhill and lift tracks,

  3. Average speed,

  4. Maximal speed,

  5. and many, many more!

Analysis Capabilities

Detailed information is made available about each track. SkiApp even allows you to graphically display and analyze each track in deep directly on the smartphone.

Enhanced Accuracy

For the computation of the velocity and distance SkiApp also considers the vertical movement. Other Apps do only provide the velocity and distance in the horizontal plane. They become inaccurate in a steep slope. This is why velocty and distance values of the SkiApp are a bit higher than of other Apps.

Battery Efficient

The SkiApp works very sparing. The analysis is specially optimized utilizing the CPU and memory as low as possible.
Because of the continuous usage of the GPS signal the SkiApp increases the power consumption of your smartphone to around 3 to 10 percent per hour. If there are other active GPS Apps on your smartphone the additional power consumption for the SkiApp is less than 1 Percent per hour only. To reduce the battery load it is recommended to disable the GPS functionality during the lunch break

Perfect Privacy Protection

SkiApp protects your privacy! The complete analysis of movements is performed completely on the smartphone. There is no registration required and the captured information is not send over the internet at all! In contrast other Apps often acquire to many unnecessary permissions to collect personal information for purposes not known to you. The SkiApp uses the Internet connection only to download the map.

Voice Announcement of Speed

SkiApp is able to announce the current speed using voice capabilities of the smartphone. The announcement occurs in short intervals during a downhill run. When you are riding a lift, walking around or waiting there is no announcement to avoid worrying anybody. The voice announcement keeps you well informed about your performance even during a downhill run. There is no other App with similar Feature!

Data Export

The PRO version of the SkiApp allows you to export the recorded data in Google's KMZ, GPX, or Microsoft XLS file formats to the storage of your smartphone.
The KMZ file may be used with Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Earth displays single tracks or complete stages in 3D allowing detailed analysis of your performance at your PC.

Overview: App-Funktionen
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