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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most typical questions of SkiApp users

1. How do I start the tracking/recording?

To activate and deactivate the GPS tracking use the combined PAUSE/RECORD button  located in the action bar at the top.

2. How do I migrate the recorded data to an other or a new device?

Swiping to the very left you will find the Service view. This provides the backup and restore functionality. In order to perform the data migration please follow the following guide:

  1. Create a backup file on your old (the source) device using the Create backup operation in the Service view.

  2. To make sure the backup file is properly created you can use the Verify backup operation in the Service view on the source device.

  3. Transfer the backup file to the new device (the target) by any suitable means like USB transfer to an intermediate PC, uploading it to cloud storage etc.

  4. Use the SkiApp on your new (the target) device to revert the backup file using the Revert backup operation from the Service view. The revert operation will take care of your existing recordings merging them together with your backup

3. Do I have to buy the SkiApp PRO an other time if I want to use it on other or a new device?

The SkiApp PRO license is bundled to your personal Google ID (i.e. your Gmail address). Therefore you can use it on all your devices without additional payments. To install the SkiApp PRO on an other device just visit the SkiApp PRO in the PlayStore and it will offer you the App download without any payments.

4. I want to see if SkiApp is meeting my expectations before buying SkiApp PRO. Is there any free-of-charge option to use SkiApp?

SkiApp LITE is the free-of-charge version of the SkiApp. In comparison to the unlimited PRO version the LITE version comes with the following limitations:

  1. The detail view is not available for older tracks.

  2. The velocity voice announcement is temporally limited.

  3. Stage browsing is limited to the last one.

  4. The statistics view is reduced.

  5. Export of tracks and stages is disabled.

You can use the LITE version as long as you like. In case you decide to buy the PRO version, all the recordings from the LITE version will be imported to the PRO on its first launch on your device. Therefore you can remove the LITE version from your device after you have launched the PRO version for the very first time.

5. It seems like the SkiApp is unable to record tracks seamlessly. The recorded data is empty or contains many gaps. It seems like recording does work only when SkiApp is visible on the screen. Eventually it is complaining about "unexpected interruptions". What is wrong?

In order to work properly SkiApp requires permissions to process location data and to consume battery power while working in background. However this permissions are highly restricted by Google's Android operating system.

SkiApp tries to acquire the permissions automatically. However this does not work on every device. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to setup the location permission and disable the energy optimizations manually by the user:

  1. Permission to listen to the GPS location data while running in the background (starting from Android 10)

  2. Permission to consume battery while running in the background by disabling Energy Optimizations for SkiApp (starting from Android 7)

  3. Disable of any power-saving device mode during SkiApp recording as depending on the vendor the power-saving mode may override the above permissions.

In particular after Android system updates due to Android bugs sometimes it is not possible to fix SkiApp's background execution issues by the above instructions. Usually this exceptional situation can be fixed by a complete reinstall of the app. ATTENTION: Please consider to backup your recordings before deleting the SkiApp from the device such that it can be restored after the reinstall.u

6. Is SkiApp available for Apple iOS devices as well?

Unfortunately SkiApp is not available for iOS. Due to the very tight integration of the app with the underlying operating system providing an iOS version will double the efforts for the author, who is working on SkiApp as a side project in parallel to main job an family obligations. Also the author is not willing to purchase Apple hardware just to be able to develop iOS apps.

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